30% less calories*
41% more dietary fibers*
exactly the same amount of protein*
No cholesterol

compared to a meat burger
in a well-known chain
of restaurants and per 100 g

How do we make them?

We use no preservatives, canned food, monosodium glutamate or other flavor enhancing substances. We have neither microwave ovens nor GMOs.

By eating with us you are guaranteed that you provide your body with the best, fresh, unprocessed and fully balanced ingredients.

Our ingredients

We rely on seasonal products. That’s why our recipes are adjusted to the seasons.

The basis for our burgers are groats and pods to provide you with energy and building blocks. A very important part are super foods, i.e. products particularly rich in medicinal substances: spirulina, goji berries, young barley.

To prepare our recipes we cooperate with dieticians and trainers from Vegan Workout etc.

You won’t find here ordinary food – you will find passion, health and love for animals and nature.