There are a lot of responsibilities in Krowarzywa. Every day we constantly work not only on the quality of the product, but above all to keep the nice atmosphere in our restaurants. We are convinced that only in a friendly and comfortable space can delicious food be created. And only such we want to serve to our guests. By promoting veganism, we care not only about the natural environment, but also about the unique atmosphere.


Because people are the most important and people we need (for tasks and not only).


Which people? Responsibilities in Krowarzywa include team work in a two-shift system, perfect for those who find themselves well in cooperation with others and who can act as a team. For obvious reasons, we require a current bill-of-health.


If you are precise, hardworking and you are not indifferent to the fate of our planet (maybe loftily, but we believe that changes begin with the smallest choices), then work in Krowarzywa can be a great place for you with possibility for promotion. You will meet fantastic people and learn a lot (also our delicious recipes). Cannot believe, see here –

How do we employ? We offer a solution tailored to mutual needs. During every conversation we try to offer the solution most optimal for the candidate. These are both contracts of employment and civil contracts, with various levels of remuneration – depending on mutual arrangements.


We employ only and exclusively in accordance with applicable law. Do you have more questions? We are happy to talk about them during recruitment interview. Send us your CV to and in the title indicate which restaurant would you like to work in.